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Weber Go Anywhere Modifications

Over the years I've done a few modifications to my Weber Go Anywhere, or WGA. This is despite the fact that I haven't really been 'Anywhere' with the WGA, and I've mostly used it in the garden when doing a small cook for myself, which it is ideal at doing! (See the steak sandwich post as an example).

I have done some modest modifications to my WGA, but there is a whole world out there that is doing this and a lot of it. There are many sites out there that are selling accessories for modified WGAs (including Weber themselves!). There ate many YouTube videos on the concept, and although I've not done a tally a quick dip down each of the rabbit-holes makes the 'normal' Weber modifications seem the same or less than those for the WGA, this includes niche and private areas of Facebook just for WGA fans.

I'm a huge fan of the device, its portability offers a lot that other devices don't, and in theory you can do the same on it as you would a kettle...just less of it due to space. My own modifications are modest in the grander scheme of things I've seen on social media. I cut the grill in half to allow it, and other parts to be packed into the WGA for transport, as well as the ability to have a two-sided barbecue; one perhaps with the plancha (or grated plancha) and one with the grill. To be honest transport and portability was the main reason for cutting the gill in half as you can still have a whole grill, but also get chimney starter, firelighters, charcoal, tongs and other implements in there too.

I feel I am only starting on my WGA 'journey' and being sucked down the rabbit hole that so many others have on social media. The last few years haven't been kind to getting out and about. The recent spate of inconsiderate people using disposable barbecues irresponsibly (and led to me as one of many signing a petition to have them banned) might mean unfortunately less tolerance for those more responsible who would use a portable rather than disposable barbecue. I guess the government has more pressing issues to deal with at the moment so I hope portable barbecues continue to be tolerated and those mindless idiots with disposable ones (honestly who is actually cooking on these and enjoying it?) are phased out in some way?

I've laid out in the photos below the elements that can fit into my WGA, indeed there is still room for more if needed. As you can see I cut the original grate in half, which allows it to be stored efficiently but also allows the plancha inserts to go in too. The plancha inserts I agve are two flat griddles and one grated griddle which would allow better (aka perfect) burger and steak cooking as required when out and about.

In addition to the grills and planchas/ griddles you can also get a Weber small chimney starter (which I fill with a bag of charcoal), some firestarters, a glove, implements (like spatula and tongs) and matches, everything you need contained to start and get on with a great barbecue.


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