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Steak Sandwich on Weber Go Anywhere

The Weber Go Any Where, or WGA for those geeky enough to own one and talk about them, is a portable barbecue which although smaller than most of the barbecue contingent can still be used in the same way. As an enthusiast and one of the geeks who talks about his WGA I also have some cast iron inserts, one a flat plancha for half the grill area and the other half a slatted plancha. In this case I used the flat plancha and the grill it came with, that I cut in half to make the whole setup more portable (one for another article!). This gives the ability to cook direct over live coals or sizzle direct on a flat, heated bit of metal, both have their uses.

This cook was a fairly simple one, a steak sandwich, on a cheesy-topped, ciabatta-type roll, accompanied with a flat mushroom, some onions and a large helping of garden herbs mixed with salt, pepper and olive oil.

This tasted good, it was a selfish 'only for me' dish I cooked outside whilst doing other chores in the garden. I wouldn't normally pile that many herbs onto that amount of food to season, but as I had done it added another level and the herby accompaniment was another major ingredient to the dish rather than just seasoning, in this case the rosemary, thyme and oregano worked really well with the steak and mushroom.


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