Jason Wood: Master-of-my-own-pit rather than Pitmaster!

An individual who gets ecstatic about the joys of outdoor cooking, eating and drinking.  A proud owner of a Weber kettle which gets used weekly, all year round and sits outside the back door as an extension to the kitchen (much to the dismay of the wife as orchard wood smoke billows into the house!).

I got the Weber in late 2015 and have been hooked, inspired and slightly reeking of smoke ever since.  The pizza oven, sear grate and chimney starter have been welcome additions, aided and guided by the ever-expanding shelf of barbecue books.

I'm have also just finished an MBA, where I did a research project and wrote a dissertation on 'Sustainability in the UK barbecue food industry'.  So, in addition to this site being a record of my cooks, brews and smokes I'll be using it to publish some of work and interesting articles on barbecue that I come across on my journey.

Academic interests aside, I'm keen to do 'something' in the food industry that involves barbecue and smoked food.  An aspiration and a journey I have started and hope you will join me on.

(Picture left: Making watercress and gin sausages with the awesome people at Parsonage Farm near Andover, Hampshire).

(Picture below: Helping Tom Bray from CountryFireKitchen cook some lambs on asado crosses).


I would love to hear from you!!

 Please feel free to get in touch using the form below or using one of my social media profiles on the front page.  Follow me on Twitter @hopsmokefire and Instagram hopsmokefire.  I'm especially keen if you are interested in my MBA research as I'm always on the lookout for new, innovative and challenging ideas pushing the boundaries of barbecue.


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