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The Barbecologist's Library

Not sure if the title is as dull as dishwater or as intriguing as something by Edgar Allan Poe, probably the former. I use this post to give you all the minor purview of what, in hard copy, I am inspired by and consider some of the themes of Barbecology. Below and above is a selection of books I pulled of various shelves around the house that give a feel of what Barbecology is about for me. Whilst many of these have a culinary and solely culinary aspect to them there is a mix of strands in what I like to read and immerse myself in when it comes to barbecue, recipes and food history, among other aspects. This selection of books will be familiar to many barbecue cooks, purely as foodies if nothing else. I am a sucker for looking through old book stores for old, especially English cooking books (a couple of Jane Grigson's in there!). I also love the histories I've been building with southern states US cooking and history of culture that has barbecue as we mostly (but not solely) interpret it today (Barbecue Nation, The Potlikker Papers, The Cooking Gene and Soul Food to name but a few). You can't go without the recipe books though, and although great I have some to own I do admit that I use my local library service to gain more ideas than the books I own (it's great the library service is so up to date and barbecue-related! Or is that a sign of the times? Sorry to all the barbecue book writers out there and Jeff Bezos!).

Barbecue history, barbecue culture, barbecue recipes, nose-to-tail cooking, food sustainability, food history in general and just, well interesting reading is all I'm professing here. A literary insight to the Barbecologist's mind.


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