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Smoked Chilli Sauce

Last autumn we had some new neighbours arrive, and whilst saying hi to them they offered up some of the homegrown chillis they had bought along with them and were about to harvest. I had no idea what strength they would be (and therefore what I would do with them).

I took a nibble and they were hot but not ridiculously so, just right for a strong chilli sauce. It couldn't be any chilli sauce, I love a smoke chipotle sauce and decided these chillis and the other ingredients needed the same smoky treatment. The sauce would have garlic in it too so it made sense to cold smoke that too!

Once smoked in the cold smoker overnight I threw the garlic and chillis along with salt, white wine vinegar, olive oil and some caster sugar into a Nutribullet and gave it all a good blend up. I cooked it till it was bubbling then funnelled it into a sterilised bottle. This makes an excellent topping to eggs, cheese on toast and other such small snacks, I haven't used it as an ingredient in chillis etc as most of the family clientele wouldn't appreciate it, but for those who would it would make an excellent addition!


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