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Rotisserie Porchetta

Porchetta (pronounced porketta) is simply Italian for 'little pig' and refers to a rolled pork joint, in this case pork belly. I had seen porchetta cooked over a rotisserie on social media and had to give it a go. It was a warm summer weekend that I was due to cook this so couldn't really serve it like a roast dinner (roast dinners are, as a rule but depending on the weather, restricted to the time the UK is in Daylight Savings Time). So I stuffed the pork belly full of herbs from the garden; sage (obviously with pork), fennel seed, thyme and rosemary, as well as some garlic.

It then went on the rotisserie until the Meater probe indicated the pork was done to temperature and the skin was looking crispy and a decent pork crackling.

Cooking this type of joint over a rotisserie is excellent as it is turning and basting itself in its own juices whilst the skin is slowly turning through the heat but not burning.

I served with several types of salad; caprese, potato salad and a few leafy greens.


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