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Flip'n Grate Spatchcock Chicken

The Flip'n Grate is a device that is a grill 'basket', which lies parallel to the ground whilst held up by a pole at one end, the photo better shows it than my description!

I hadn't used it before despite having had it for some time, so I decided I'd do a spatchcock chicken over the firepit, which the Flip'n Grate is ideal for. I had brined the chicken overnight in a combination of yoghurt, lemon juice, salt and white wine vinegar (as if one chemical way of tenderising it wasn't enough?!). The grate (pun intended!) thing about the Flip'n Grate is it does what it says, you can flip over the grate with ease and is 'flippin' great'! (The name is so well placed that I sometime wonder whether they came up with the name first and then designed a device to make the name work!). Once the chicken was cooking over the fire at an appropriate heat I could kick back and just chill.

I did cook some dirty peppers in the burning logs, roasted some garlic in there to squeeze over the chicken at the end, and par boiled some potatoes which I wrapped in foil and roasted up on the logs too. Then just carved it all up and served!


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