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Fire Pit Skirt Steak

In spring 2022 we caught up on a holiday delayed from COVID lockdowns. On the Devon-Cornwall border in a cottage (large!) with family. It was a great occasion and the situation improved when on arrival I noticed that the courtyard area round the side of the garden had a firepit, not just any firepit, it had a swivel cooking plate over it too! Perfect! So from arrival I was planning what delights I could cook on it for the family of 10 adults and 5 kids. There was a local farm shop round the corner that had a whole host of fresh food and a butchers, so after a quick enquiry I was home with several kilos of skirt steak and some woodland mushrooms that had been foraged (by the farm shop people!). Time for my own foraging. I had been for a walk around the local woodlands earlier in the week and noticed that it was perfect season for wild garlic, and there was a lot of it! So, as I was doing the skirt steak I then planned a chimichurri to go with it and I would use the wild garlic as one of the ingredients, it isn't traditional but is in keeping with the style and flavour profile. So my nephew, Freddie, and I headed out to the woods to forage wild garlic.

On return from foraging with Freddie I prepared the rest of the ingredients, lit the fire and then chilled with a glass of wine!

The fitrepit wasn't like one I'd seen before and I loved the swivel grill/ plancha on it, it worked really well to move and adjust for heat on various hot and cold parts of the firepit (I now need something like this to add to my firepit!!). As well as the skirt steak and mushrooms I did some fish for those less keen on steak, again the firepit with swivel arm was ideal.

The skirt steak was cooked to lovely medium rare (I took my instant read thermometer with me in expectation of some live fire cooking!). It took on a lovely flavour from the wood that was cooking it, much different and a more robust flavour than just cooking on charcoal.


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