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Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain has been a hero of mine as soon as I started getting into barbecue, but that's not as he's specifically linked to barbecue (although the quote below suggest otherwise!) but just an all round food aficionado, provocateur and badass.

He is author the the book 'Kitchen Confidential' and star of many food travel programmes which are 'salt of the earth' style engagement with locals, culture and their cuisine. His legacy now is, I think, unfortunately, skewed by his suicide in 2018, and the feature of a recent film 'Roadrunner', which I have watched and although gave me more about him wasn't the same as watching the vast array of shows still available (and popular) on streaming services. When I was a teenager Steve McQueen was a particular hero of mine (and still is) but I think Tony Bourdain has probably taken that crown. Yes it is somewhat 'fashionable' to be a 'big fan' of this rebellious, ex-addict, badass, funny, no f***s given celebrity chef, but I can go with that. Indeed I have a confession to make, I never understood Facebook advertising as in the 17 years or so I have been on that platform, I'd never been attracted or bought anything off there, until last year, when I saw the below t-shirt...and 'had' to have it.

Although I'm not allowed to wear it around the kids (!) of my eldest sons friends asked me not long after I owned it whether I had "a t-shirt with a man sticking his fingers up"? I'm definitely not and don't pretend to be a badass, but an eight-year old thought I was cool because I had a Bourdain t-shirt, and that was good enough to win that day!

I'm not quite sure what I was intending to get across in this blog article. I started it as a 'maybe' for one of the advent series, and now all I can offer is more Bourdain quotes below...enjoy!!


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