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Crusted Halloumi Flatbreads...with added lushness! ;-)

A mid-week barbecue, which meant grilling as a low n slow isn't really an option due to time constraints. I have had some Pizza Seasoning from Quiet Waters Farm that I've still yet to actually use on a pizza, but it is getting some good use on other dishes, including this halloumi. Firstly, I rubbed the halloumi in the Pizza Seasoning and grilled it direct over the coals so it could form a bark/ crust on the outside, this only took a couple of minutes either side. Then I moved out of direct heat to the side so it could keep cooking without burning. The rationale behind forming the crust was to allow it to go gooey and melty on the inside without it oozing through the bars, which might have happened if I'd done the whole thing on indirect heat.

I then grilled some green and yellow peppers and prepared the flatbreads. This was my favourite, last-minute go to wrap made from equal parts self raising flour and yoghurt, with some baking powder. These are great because there's no rising required and very little kneading, and can be used straight away, they also work great on the grill. Once the flatbreads were kneaded then I got them straight over the coals until I could see bubbles forming, then I turned them over and brushed the already cooked side with garlic butter. Then did the same with the other side once cooked.

I then sliced the crusted halloumi and placed it on top of the peppers, and then added lushness...this included: a yoghurt and cucumber sauce with pizza seasoning, wafer thin sliced radish, tahini, raisins, sliced almonds and sesame seeds. I then wrapped it all up in the flatbread and munched the whole lot with a glass of Malbec.

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