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Pulled Beef Short Ribs

I did a blog about beef ribs with mashed smoked parsnips and potatoes just recently, but what I did with the other short rib that I cooked on the same day is even better! I promise you! As per the last beef short rib recipe the short ribs were rubbed with a mocha rub, I then marinated the short ribs in red wine vinegar, salt and Worcestershire Sauce for about 5-6 hours in the fridge. I got them out of the fridge and let the marinade dry off whilst I got the Weber kettle set up for smoking by placing the coals around the outside of the kettle, aka 'the snake method'. I then rubbed the short ribs with the mocha rub and let it set before placing the ribs in the smoker at 225-250F with some chunks of oak wood for smoke.

The short ribs were in the smoker for about 4 1/2 hours at which point they were going to take on any more smoke. I took them off the smoker and placed them in the slow cooker with some King Goblin beer from Wytchwood Brewery and some of the marinade.

Once out of the slow cooker I pulled the beef short rib meat from the bone as it was so tender, no different to pulled pork really...just what I wanted.

Once it was in this state there was only one thing left to do...get it in a bun with some trimmings and get it down my mouth!

I grilled the bun a bit (I used a Lancashire Style Bottom Oven Bun, so much better than a brioche for any meat to be inserted between!!). Then I added a pickle, a chilli and some special horseradish coleslaw (recipe below).

I have to say that the photos genuinely don't do this justice, my fault for leaving it too late and doing some awful photos; but this was the best beef rib I have ever tried and done to to the best perfection with the best trimmings I can imagine so take my word and try this way of preparing, cooking and consuming beef honestly pulls like like a dream!

Horseradish Beef Coleslaw (all to personal taste!!)


White Cabbage


Spring Onion

Fresh rosemary

Lime zest

Lime juice


Black pepper




White wine vinegar

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