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Mediterranean Lamb Steak and Cous Cous

Despite some quite good slow cooked lamb I've had in the last few months (some featured on this blog) I've fallen out of love with lamb a bit. So, I decided to get my grill on and sear some lamb, really get that fat charred up, and got some lamb leg steak. I marinated it in red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, smashed garlic and rosemary for a few hours. Then I dried it off and gave it a good rub of the spice mix below.

Once the dry rub had set in I grilled over a direct heat for several minutes either side until the outside was nicely charred. I was actually more concerned about getting a nice char than I was about keeping it medium-rare to medium on the inside...I didn't mind if the pink was lost a bit as long as the outside crisped up nice. This is partly as I had marinated it and I knew that with a decent rest after cooking it would be alright.

I think I got the balance just right of outside char and a medium cook in the middle, you can see pink in the middle but its not bloody or identifiably juicy as a hardcore carnivore might expect, but after a rest in was in fact nice and tender as well as moist.

I served it with some cous cous that had been mixed with sumaq, chopped red/ green/ yellow peppers, capers, choped green olives, lemon juice and sultanas.

Mediterranean Spice Mix (sorry, I didn't really measure it out...adjust to your own taste!!)

Ras el Hanout

Demerara sugar


Garlic Powder



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