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Whole Grilled Sea Bream with Fennel, Potatoes and Chorizo

I love fish grilled over live coals, one of if not the best way to do fish, period. I took some inspiration from the recipe from Christian Stevenson aka DJ BBQ from his Sea Bass recipe in his latest book Fire Food. Once gutted, de-scaled and cleaned I stuffed the Sea Bream with thin slices of lemon, parsley and smashed cloves of garlic. I then scored the outside of the fish and rubbed it with sea salt.

Once the fish was stuffed and placed inside a fish-griller thingy that I got given, I grilled it direct for about 5 minutes either side until the outside skin was going crispy.

I served it with a side of potatoes, chorizo and fennel. The potatoes were first par-boiled for about 15-20mins in salted water with mint in, then thrown into a bowl of fennel and chorizo, rosemary, olive oil, salt and pepper. I cooked the fennel off first whilst the fish was grilling and then added it to the cast iron skillet with the potatoes and chorizo, which had been cooking away with a dab of butter in.

I also drizzled a lemon, caper and butter sauce over it which I made by putting the ingredients in a small stainless steel tin (that I would normally use for individual Yorkshire Puddings) and letting it bubble away on the grill too.

The end result was absolutely delicious, and I wouldn't have done anything different at all with this. Simplicity for the fish was the key, with some slightly more complex flavours in the side dish. I can't wait to do more fish so watch this space!

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