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Marinated Rotisserie Chicken

I have previously tried doing a single chicken on the rotisserie, and now it was time to see if I could do more. We had a few more people round for lunch which warranted the second chicken. First, there was an overnight marinade in Greek yoghurt, lemon juice, lemon zest, Thai green curry paste, milk, salt and pepper. The next morning I managed to get both birds on one spit (in a head-to-head arrangement, but reversed so both breast sides weren't on the same axis, which seemed the best fit for balance and tightness) and onto the Weber with the rotisserie attachment (non-Weber).

I wasn't entirely sure how long they would need to cook, or if indeed the motor for the rotisserie would stand up to two, large-ish, chickens. In all, they cooked for about 1h45mins at around 200C (or just less). I didn't monitor or try and maintain any temperature (unless it was going to get too high) as I had ample time for my guests arriving and the lower and slower the better (to a point). The temperature of around 200C seemed about right for getting a decent crispy skin but not burning, as well as not making the meat dry anywhere.

After the internal temperature hit 75C I took off the two birds and let them rest covered in two layers of tin foil and several kitchen towels over the top. An hour later they were still too hot too really get your bare fingers in there and pull without caterering gloves on. All I did to pull was rip off each leg and wing, each breast, and any remaining flesh. This way the guests could choose what piece they wanted...after they'd argued it through amongst themselves that is!

The rotisserie chicken was served with a dressing of yoghurt, cucumber, mint sauce, lemon juice, salt and pepper, a salad and some baby potatoes that I par boiled, then placed in a roasting tin and squished with a potato masher until their skins just about burst, then covered with olive oil, mixed herbs, whole rushed garlic cloves, salt and pepper and then roasted till they were crispy on the edges. As you can see, I went for the chicken leg!!

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