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Halloumi Burgers on the Hellfire Halo

Now I have the Hellfire Halo all seasoned up it is only right that I start doing a variety of cooks on it. Tonight, a simple halloumi burger for myself and halloumi wrap for my wife.

I started by chopping up some peppers into quarters, so they would make a decent size to cover a brioche bun once cooked, same with the aubergine. I then sliced the halloumi into wrap sized pieces and one larger, burger sized piece, for the brioche. I then threw the entire lot into a pyrex bowl, drizzled lovingly with extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with mixed herbs, salt and pepper.

Once the Weber was going with a large chimney of charcoal and the Hellfire Halo was inserted, and warmed up, the peppers were cooked over the grill grate to get some barbecue and smoke flavour into them, with the halloumi sizzling on the outside along with the aubergine. Whilst this was cooking away I did place the lid back on which definitely helped the halloumi melt a bit better. When the peppers were getting pretty done I did place the halloumi on the central grate to crisp up just a bit more over direct heat.

Finally, when done, all that was left was to place it in a toasted brioche bun with some green salad leaves, tomato and a drizzle of homemade dressing (see below), or in the case of the wrap, I also added some homemade houmous, wrap, and eat.

Halloumi Dressing


Greek Yoghurt

Lemon Juice



Place all the ingredients in a spice blender or small food processor and whizz them up.

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