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Skirt Steak with Chimichurri

This is the first time I've made my own chimichurri, that classic South American salsa-style sauce that is served with grilled steak. So I went to one my local butchers, The Weyhill Farm Shop in Andover, and got some skirt steak. I happened to be in there getting some pork loin for a special batch of bacon, and they had some skirt out. I marinaded the steak in a mixture of red wine vinegar and Worcestershire Sauce, then rubbed it in Black Ops Rub from Oakridge, which I sourced from BBQ Gourmet.

The whole skirt steak was then put on the grill, direct heat until it developed a nice sear on each side, I checked it with a temperature probe and it was a perfect 135F for medium rare. I let it rest for about 5 mins and then sliced against the grain (always against the grain people!). As you can see it was a fantastic piece of steak to start with and it would have needed a really really bad chef to have done a bad job on it.

The chimichurri was mega easy to make. I put the following in a food processor and whizzed it up 2 x tomatoes, 1 x small onion, 3 x cloves of garlic, 1 x large bunch of fresh parsley, dry chilli flakes (I didn't have any fresh!), salt and pepper. When it was chopped enough for small chunks and not blitzed to a pulp I added a few splashes of cider vinegar and gave it a couple pulses to mix it in. Then I simply served it with some olive tapenade, giant cous cous and beetroot salad and a few small gherkins.

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