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Grilled Halloumi with Giant Cous Cous and Dirty Vegetable Salad in Yoghurt Wraps

This was a really simple combination of ingredients, and in this case all vegetarian.

First, I made a baba ganoush after cooking the aubergines dirty style direct on the coals. Then I made a cous cous salad using giant cous cous and vegetables that had also been roasted dirty style on the coals, in this case I went for beetroot and butternut squash. The beetroot gave the cous cous an amazing red-purple colour, that set itself off against the vibrant orange and yellow peppers as well as the green courgette that I also roasted dirty style and added to the wrap.

The wrap was my current go-to from Jamie Oliver, a really lazy one with equal parts natural yoghurt and self raising flour with a bit of baking powder.

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