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Roasted Pheasant Wrapped in Bacon

Whilst in my local farm shop the other day ( I was perusing the counter deciding what to cook on the barbecue this weekend and as it t'was the season I decided on pheasant. I knew this was going to be a bit of a challenge on the barbecue as its renown for being a dry meat, and even with a slow cook it wasn't going to be easy to keep it moist. I didn't really have time to brine, so I went for bacon to let some of the fat melt into the bird.

After wrapping in bacon, I used some of Don Marcos Crazy Chicken and Mafia Coffee rub. I cooked it over cherry smoke at about 275F for about 45mins till the internal leg temperature was 175F. I let it rest and served it with some vegetables and Yorkshire puddings done in the oven (my wife is getting a bit tired of barebcue as of late!).

Verdict? A brine would have definitely improved the meat, but I likely got away with it this time. I would also consider rubbing with butter.

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