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Pork Sirloin with Dirty Vegetables

I still had some more rubs to test that I was sent to test by Macs BBQ as part of the Don Marcos range that they sell, this time it was the turn of Pork Powder!! The recipe was simple, charcoal in a starter chimney lit, wait for the flames to die down and some decent embers to form. Meanwhile, I rubbed the pork sirloin with the Pork Powder and then cooked it indirect till done with cherry smoke. Whilst the pork sirloin was smoking away I chucked on a beetroot, a carrot, an onion and some baby potatoes wrapped in foil with butter, salt and rosemary on them. The let it all cook away till done. Once the pork sirloin was cooked I glazed it with Sweet Baby Rays, and put it back on briefly for the glaze to set as I plated up the vegetables.

Cooking onions this way is such a great way to get a great texture, flavour, sweetness, char and caramelisation, and it looks great when the layers unfurl a bit like a flower. Potatoes like this are also brilliant, fluffy inside but small bits of really crisp skin. The glazed pork sirloin had a sweet flavour and sticky texture that reminded me of barbecue pork chops we had as a kid (although I'm pleased to say that cooking techniques and sauces have moved on a lot since then!).

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