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The McHopSmokeFire Burger

My eldest son, Raff, asked me the other day for a McDonald's (who hasn't actually had one yet, not out of principal, but he just hasn't). So I offered to make him a special, better, homemade version of ol'Ronald's classic. A few simple ingredients: 20% fat mince (usually cheaper than the lean mincer), bacon (homemade, by chance we had some left), cheese, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, brioche buns and burger sauce (whizzed up mayo, ketchup, capers and lemon juice, with a sprinkle of salt), daddy also gets some black pudding on his!! Finally, homemade fries to go with it.

I used the Weber burger press to form a quarter pounder for Raff and a halfpounder for me.

We don't always have homemade bacon in the house but today we did, and a nice added extra to the occasion. Burgers done over the searing grate on the Weber Gourmet Barbecue System (GBS). Yes, I know its better to use the griddle and keep more of the moisture in, but I fancied flamed grilled tonight for the added flavour, and the moisture was just fine.

The finished item, complete with the obligatory dripping cheese shot (that's the real money shot!! Dripping cheese is where it's at!). I did then add the fries, done in the chip pan, and of course a McHopSmokeFire would not be complete without a milkshake...

...strawberry and ice cream shake for the boy, and salted caramel ice cream with Jack Daniels Honey for me!!

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