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Cherry Smoked Duck a l'Orange and Ember Roasted Vegetables

The basis for this meal was that I still haven't tried all of the Don Marco's rubs sent to me by Mac's BBQ, and I had some duck breast. Duck and cherry go together famously so the obvious rub of choice was Don Marco's Cherry Bomb. Once rubbed I grilled it direct over Flaming Excellent Charcoal from the Resilient Woodlands Charcoal Company till charred then indirect with some cherry wood to smoke it whilst the vegetables were thrown into the embers to roast up (you'll see from the 'cooking' photo that there's a courgette on there, which you'll also notice isn't on the plated up photo...there's a reason for turns out that courgettes cook much, much quicker on the embers and I burned the hell out of it!!). I then cut an orange in half and grilled this on both sides direct before setting to one side with the duck to soak up some of the cherry smokey goodness. I then blitzed the orange (whole) in the blender with some cranberry juice, salt, pepper and honey. Whilst using the whole orange was great for offsetting the quite sweet rub it was a bit bitter, so I probably wouldn't use the whole orange next time, just the juice and flesh.

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