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The scotch eggs-periment.

I'd seen various scotch eggs being done well in various places including Country Wood Smoke (original and with the black pudding), The Beard and the BBQ, and of course the famous Manchester Egg, that substitutes all sauasage meat for black pudding and includes a pickled egg.

All inspiration led me to try several versions on a variation of soft boiled and pickled eggs (homemade of course!), the addition of black pudding, wrapping in bacon and the addition of panko breadcrumbs. All had one common denominator of sausage meat and a mixture of Oakridge Black Ops rub and Bad Byron's Butt Rub.

The recipe is essentially there same as all the others, wrap egg in meat, wrap ball in bacon or breadcrumbs or both, sprinkle with rub and smoke at around 225F for circa 40mins. If required grill off over direct heat towards the end just to crisp up any bacon or breadcrumbs on the exterior.

The independent taste test, my father-in-law and his friends who know their beer snacks, indicated that the pickled egg variant(s) were by far superior to the soft boiled egg (which were still just gooey, but not oozing). The addition of bacon, black pudding and breadcrumbs were also deemed positive.. So there you have it, true to the Manchester Egg the pickled variant wins the day.

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