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Learning to Barbecue, the Bunch of Swines way.

This weekend I was taken on an intense, smoke-fuelled journey of barbecue learning by Ed and Emma from the Bunch of Swines competition barbecue team. I've been force fed detail on how to properly low'n'slow cook of all the competition meats (brisket, pork butt, ribs and chicken) as well as force fed enough meat to put me in a coma, all from the best team in Europe at the moment. It turns out I've been using way too much wood for smoking (my in-laws comments on my previous attempts were right, as it turns out) and a bit of hot'n'fast is definitely preferable to doing a night cook and just as tasty, if not better.

I can definitely recommend the courses they run, Day 1 for anyone looking to more than flip burgers and Day 2 for anyone aspiring to improve on their low'n'slow up to and including competition standard, book their courses here. You get sucked into buying all of BBQ Gourmet's rubs and sauces with BBQ Gourmet himself, Richard Orme, selling his wares at the back of the room all least it saves us all on postage and packaging!

Thanks team, and best of luck for the rest of the year in your competitions! See you at Q Fest.

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