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Barbecue Dino Turds...yes this is a thing...and yes it is epic!

I decided to take the opportunity to barbecue some vegetarian food. A pepper, some cream cheese, red leicester, chives and seasoning. Unfortunately the whole thing then fell on a very neatly-made bacon weave that had been carelessly left lying around, four of them in fact. So, it seemed a shame not to wrap the peppers in sixty four rashers of bacon, yes, sixteen per pepper. I rubbed the whole lot in Oakridge and Butt Rub and cooked them on an indirect heat for c.40mins before browning off the rubbed bacon exterior on direct heat. Silver birch wood gave the smoky backdrop to what was a stunning invention, credited to Marcus Bawdon of Country Wood Smoke.

(Note: these are 'heavy' eating, more than you realise. The wife and I had these as the main element of a meal and only ate oner and 'a bit' each. However, they made frickin' awesome leftovers).

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