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When I discovered American style low and slow....

I had my Weber about 6 months and done loads of grilling and roasting joints of meat as well as a bit of hot smoking. I then spent two weeks near Kansas with work where I converted not just myself but a fair few of my colleagues to American style low and slow. Obviously being in Kansas City you are spoilt by simply being in barbecue Mecca (or barbecue Vatican, to spread any religious offence I may have caused, but meant none).

We took in Joe's Kansas City BBQ in downtown Kansas City among many other more local places in the Ft Leavenworth area such as All Slabbed Up, where you has to be there before they sold out because the food was flying out the kitchen quicker than they could smoke it. I was blown away by this meat sensation that was completely different to anything I had ever tasted. The texture, the flavours, the was all there.

On my return to the UK I was on holiday in Devon with the family. On leaving The Lighter Inn in Topsham I could smell the sweet smell of something being smoked, it smelt like pig. That it was, across the boat yard was the fairly newly established (at the time) Pig and Pallet. The quality of the food was exceptional, and they obviously knew how to do their low and slow cooks.

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