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Barbecue Cuisine in the British Restaurant Industry.

The first piece of work I had to complete as part of my Top-Up MBA was an essay on 'Critical Issues in Business'. Well, the fast-paced growth of 'real' barbecue food in the UK was definitely deemed by me as a critical issue! And so it was, a bit of a gamble doing a literature review with some okay-ish industry publications and a barbecue food book, but it worked and I got an A (77%)! I even managed to get James Douglas and Scott Munro's (off of Red's True BBQ fame) Let There Be Meat barbecue book as a source, surely this is the first time a barbecue book has been used as a source in postgraduate education?!! (This was later confirmed when James acknowledged this on Twitter!) Anyway, I've hung the essay on the front page of the site for those interested to have a read. A good basis as I move on towards the almighty behemoth that is the dissertation.

Only one of the books here (Let There Be Meat) was actually referenced in the essay.

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