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Reverse Seared Ribeye Steak Caveman Dirty Style with Dirty Baste...The Best Steak I have Ever Cooked

I have had a reverse sear on my 'to do' list of cooks for a while, and thankfully I got the chance to do it last week. I took inspiration from some reverse sears done by Jess Pryles, Marcus Bawdon (from CountryWoodSmoke) and Dan from UnitedQ. I used Oakridge's Black Ops Brisket rub (from BBQ Gourmet) during the main part of the cook, and Marcus' Dirty Baste for the sear; on reflection it probably didn't need the rub as the dirty baste was a far superior flavour hit in this instance. This resulted in the best steak I have ever cooked at home...bust. The 'low' part of the cook was done at 200-210F for around 60mins with a handful of soaked Jack Daniels' Wood Chips for flavour. This was followed by a short rest long enough to reset the Weber from indirect to direct heat by using the chimney starter to get some fresh coals to temperature. Finally, I seared with the dirty baste on for 2-3mins each side direct in the coals.

I served the steak with a flat mushroom (that I also grilled with the dirty baste on) and asparagus.

I also have another admission, I didn't actually eat all the steak during the meal. No, whilst I could have, I had most of it for dinner and saved enough for a sandwich the next day (sorry no photo of this!) that I had on a buttered crusty roll with lashings of hot horseradish.

The ribeye (which ended up being about 15oz) was from the great butchers at Weyhill Farm Shop in Andover, and as you can see was a thoroughly good piece of steak, let alone what it tasted like.

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